A Dim Vision Of Something Lovely That Is Forever Just Out Of Reach:  CD LP, Digital: Recycled plastics: BC68: 2018

Reflux EP: CD EP: disco_r.dance: DSCRD/CD007: 2008

Perdurance: CD LP: Moth Records: Porce006: 2002

Wind Chill: CD LP: Moth Records: Porce004: 2000

Surprisingly Pleasant EP: Moth Records: Porce003: 2000


Appears on:

Modularism: Law and Auder 2017

Step Into Dubizm: Law and Auder: 2011



Coppice Halifax: Alkemiisto III: (Blaubac remix of Deep Earth): 2018

Amp: Q Factors (a mixtape): (Blaubac remix of ‘Lost Love Cries’): 2017

Stormcrow: Killer Daddy (Blaubac remix): 12″ vinyl: Adjust Your Head Records: 2000