Drone in progress


Finally, a Mannequins Mangrove

I’ve wanted a Mannequins Mangrove VCO for a long time. What an oscillator it is!

That sound is just the Mangrove with audio-rate modulation of ‘air’ and slow LFOs on ‘barrel’ and ‘formant’. Reverb from a Strymon Blue Sky. I’ve only been playing with it for 20 minutes and have found sweet spots everywhere. Beautiful. I think a long partnership lies ahead.

Here’s the wonderful pitch dividing behaviour of the Mangrove as the formant control is lowered.

Nathan Moody: Études I: Blue Box


Études I: Blue Box is a beautiful piece of work by Nathan Moody. The ten tracks were created using a small modular system, based primarily on the wonderful Mannequins modules. The music carries an impressive emotional heft and the liberal use of distortion, saturation and rectification is gorgeous.

It’s one of those releases that captures what modular is all about and makes you question what you’re doing. Wonderful.