Bye bye MMG, hello E440.

It’s great for some things, but I never really got on with the sound of my Make Noise MMG. I’ve got a lot of Make Noise stuff and I love it – but the MMG just didn’t have enough character for me. It probably didn’t help that what I really needed was a more classic 4-pole low-pass filter to complement the rest of the rig. So, after a lot of research, I got myself a Synthesis Technology E440, which seems to be considered “the best filter in the universe”. It’s not exactly cheap but if you want to rise above the average in Euro you generally need to pay for it.

Initial testing suggests it’s as good as they say it is. A lovely sound, beautiful resonance and, best of all, the ability to drive it into the most gorgeous warm distortion.

Sadly the MMG has had to go to make room in the case…. but it’s probably time I adopted a one-in-one-out policy anyway.

A Jupiter Storm Cosmic Noise Oscillator running through the Synthesis Technology E440. The Jupiter Storm’s three individual VCO outputs and the noise output are all in use. Spring reverb is from an Intellijel Springray 2.


Nathan Moody: Études I: Blue Box


Études I: Blue Box is a beautiful piece of work by Nathan Moody. The ten tracks were created using a small modular system, based primarily on the wonderful Mannequins modules. The music carries an impressive emotional heft and the liberal use of distortion, saturation and rectification is gorgeous.

It’s one of those releases that captures what modular is all about and makes you question what you’re doing. Wonderful.