Generative Quantussy Cells

An early experiment with Quantussy Cells to create purely generative music. There are 3 cells in this patch, which requires 6 Sample and Holds. I have a long way to go to tame this sort of structure, but it’s a promising line of research. It’s the first time I’ve really felt the need for some stackable cables, as it takes a lot of patching, and tapping of outputs at various points.

Information on Quantussy cells can be found here: 

Logistic Canon

A patch which realises the logistic equation: Xn+1 = k*(Xn – Xn2), with k between 3.57 and 4.00. The resulting ‘chaotic’ CV is quantised to a Pentatonic Minor scale and then run through the Intellijel Shifty to create a three-part canon.

The logistic equation is slightly fiddly to patch, and is very sensitive to the value of k, but the resulting output seems to have a more musical quality than a random signal.