Some obligatory LPG bongos with the Make Noise LxD

I finally picked up a Make Noise LxD to see how it compared to my trusty Optomix. What better way to test it than some traditional Low Pass Gate Bongos? The sound source is a pair of sine waves ring modulated by a Make Noise modDemix and then distorted and wave folded by the Random Source Serge Wave Multipliers. This is then high pass filtered by a randomly modulated Tip Top Forbidden Planet. The LxD has a lovely organic response and I think it sounds much better as a LPG than my Optomix.

Phonogene fun

It doesn’t turn up in my tracks that often, I’m still exploring analogue too much, but whenever I spend some time with the Make Noise Phonogene, I end up having a lot of fun. Here’s some 70s Miles Davis sliced and diced.